Recent PROJECTS & PaRtners

Chowbotics - Robots For Food Service

We make food fun. Robots eliminate repetitive tasks and allow more time for humans to be creative. Bringing fresh food to places where it wouldn't otherwise exist is our specialty. Chef Charlie is the Chief Culinary Officer who works to develop Sally’s awesome recipes. We’re pioneering a whole new industry in the most delicious way possible. With proprietary technology, our robots count calories, deliver precise portions, and serve up vibrant, forward-thinking food.

San Francisco Giants Clubhouse Bar & Grill

Chef Charlie helped design the concept and menu in partnership with Tastes On The Fly.  The new San Francisco Giants Clubhouse Bar & Grill opens April 2018 in the United terminal at SFO. The menu features some of Chef's favorite from Calafia plus exciting new additions. The mission of bringing a taste of the local dining scene to an airport becomes more impactful when aligning with the community’s top chefs.  Sometimes that mission is driven by an iconic local restaurant institution. as in this case Chef Charlie's Calafia Café.

New Wave Foods

Working with New Wave Foods, Chef Charlie is helping this cutting edge firm make recipes and tastes that people love. Dominique Barnes and Michelle Wolf co-founded New Wave Foods in the fall of 2015 after being accepted to develop plant-based seafood alternatives at Indie Bio, the world's largest biotech accelerator. Since then, they've been working in the Bay Area to perfect New Wave Foods' first product: an algae- and plant-based shrimp. Plant-based shrimp is perfect for any occasion.